Officers & Committee Chairs



GKCAGO Executive Committee

Dean Boyd Ahrens
Sub-Dean Mike Maiden
Secretary MacKenzie Reed
Treasurer Dan Madura
Registrar Dan Brown


Members-at-Large (Long Range Planning Committee)Class of 2020 Dale Ramsey*, Tom Watgen
Class of 2021 Bill McCandless, Lara West
Class of 2022 John Braum, Rosi Kaufman

Two Past Deans

Elisa Bickers 
Stephanie Henry 


Ray Smith 
Jerry Pope

Appointed Board Members

Chaplain Host Pastor at church of each monthly meeting
Historian Boyd Ahrens

Standing Committee Chairs

AGO Certification/Education Sarah Lyons
Bachathon Chair Nara Newcomer
Bachathon Sub-Chair Lara West
Communications Committee Chair Mike Maiden
Bombarde Editor Ken Walker
Directory Dan Madura
Publicity Janet Bucher
Reporter Norm Kinnaugh
Website Editor Mike Maiden
Membership Liaison Nancy Ramirez
Social Media Tom Watgen
Organ Promotions Mike Maiden
Concert Series/Program Events Gifts Nancy Custead
Dinner Reservations Nancy Ramirez
Finance Vaughn Scarcliff
French Festival Mario Pearson
Hospitality Kathy Hellwege
Nominations TBD
Operating Procedures Chloë Stodt
Placement John Schaefer
Professional Development/Ethics Dan Cline
Program 2020-2021 Mike Maiden
Schola Liaison John Schaefer
Youth Stephanie Henry

Special Committee Chairs

Investment Advisory Nancy Stankiewicz

Other GKCAGO Positions of Responsibility

(Not a Board member)
Marionettes  Mary Bronaugh Davis